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Intake Systems

Air Mixture/Diverter Systems

Improve your air intake by adding air mixture/diverter system. Allows pulling of warm air from cooler area or muffler shroud, or switching to cool outside air. This will help optimize performance of your engine in the hottest and coldest days of the year.

Retrofit Services


We have retrofit many compressors and generators over the years as well. Whether you are replacing a gas driven engine with and electric drive, upgrading a package with more modern equipment or even switching compressors we can help!

Bulk Oil Tanks

Bulk Oil Systems

Add a tank to a pumpjack in a remote area to help prolong time between services or to a compressor in a hard to service area. We offer and have built and installed many bulk oil systems on sites. Helps eliminate the need to deliver or stock multiple barrels for engine and compressor service. We will also pipe it in, install multiple tanks or even split tanks for sour units needing two separate oils. We can either build the stands on existing structural on location or build a free standing tank stand.

Exhaust Systems

Exhaust Systems

We have built hundreds of exhaust systems over the years. Whether replacing an old burnt out exhaust or a new system on a retrofit, we have the experience to get it done. Using light wall pipe, and with air gap insulation hot air flows away from the exhaust outside. Stainless exhausts are available too, used when burnout is common, or air gap insulation isn’t an option. We supply all parts, gaskets even insulation.

Modernizing Intake Systems

Oil Bath Filter System Replacements

Replace old restrictive oil bath filter systems with a dry filter intake system. This will improve performance by eliminating restrictions. Also prevents costly repairs due to oil entering the engine, possibly taking a turbo out or worse.



We can measure, design and build platforms, ladders, stairs, pipe supports, building supports, steel building frames, fences and gates etc! You name it. If its structural we’ve done it and we can’t wait to help you with what you need.

Skids and Frames

Skids and Frames

We have built a wide selection of skids and frames over the years. We’ve built pump skids, storage skids, generator and compressor frames and more.

And More…

From heavy equipment repairs and attachments to aluminum drop boxes, trailer repairs, service body builds, mods and more…

Our Services


Journeymen welders available to design, build, and repair whatever suits your needs.


Ready to integrate and maintain whatever you need built or already have.

Fabrication Shop

Fully geared shop available to build and repair anything you need!

Upgrades and Repair

We offer field and shop aluminum services, compressor/generator and various other retrofitting services, intake and exhaust design, fabrication, repair and installation, stainless steel fab and welding, bulk oil/added capacity tanks, tank stands, compressor/engine frames, seal pot systems and more!